Hello. Welcome to my blog. You can call me Ola.

Agreenolivetree.com is about you and me, our everyday living and what we can do and achieve when we stay true to our purpose.

I moved to the United States with my husband almost two decades ago in pursuit of higher learning. We not only got what we came for but decided to stay and continue our lives here. It has been a blessing, an interesting journey. Life itself is an interesting adventure anyway.

Together with my husband we are raising our kids in a culture and environment different from how we were raised. A whole new life journey by itself. Will probably talk about this sometime in the future.

I am a practicing pharmacist with almost two decades of experience. Experience that covers various areas of the profession and across two continents. So yes we will get to talk about your health and your medicine every so often.

I am Christian, a follower of Christ. My faith is my life. I thrive on the air of God’s love for me.

Agreenolivetree.com is about us encouraging one another to live our best life now and for eternity. I am ready and invite you to come along.

Stay lovely and Thrive!

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