My Kitchen Essentials

My Kitchen Essentials

Here is a quick snapshot of my recommendation of appliances your kitchen.
I am always looking for convenient and simple ways to provide healthy meals for my family. These appliances have been very useful and helpful like that.

Instant Pot Blender

Reasonably priced and very versatile. Can do a lot depending on the option you buy. Make Smoothie, Ice Cream Milk, Yogurt and even soup all in a blender. This blender is a must have in your kitchen in my opinion.


So not only will this appliance make life easy, it also helps you make and prepare healthy meal options. It’s an oil-less cooker which means you need little to no oil to do your cooking and still enjoy tasty fried meals. There are several brands and sizes to choose from. My favorite is the Instant Pot Vortex Pro 10 Qt Oven Air Fryer

KitchenAid Hand Blender

I love that this blender can make smoothies conveniently. It’s my small but indispensable kitchen appliance. You can blend in the container provided or any other container tall enough to prevent splatter. You can blend your soup in the pot in which it is prepared. So whether cold or hot, small or large, it’s a versatile appliance for all your blending needs. You also have several color options to choose from.

KitchenAid KHB1231CU Hand Blender, 2-Speed, Contour Silver

Instant Pot Multipurpose Pressure Cooker

I love the Instant Pot Electric Cooker. Very versatile. Cooking couldn’t any easier, convenient and quick. Sometimes I use the delay start option to set to cook in advance so that food is ready by the time we all get back from work.

What are the must-have’s appliances in your kitchen? Would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below and feel free to share your experience with these appliances or any other.

Easy cooking! Healthy eating! Happy living!

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